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John silver penny Short Cross, Class 5b, Spink 1351,

reverse reads:- +WILLELM.ON.LVN ['VN' ligulate],

London Mint, moneyer Willelm, with two old tickets, Ex.

Seaby's Bulletin November 1969, H2394, reverse very

slightly off centre, nice portrait, GVF/NVF

£90 - £120


John silver penny Short Cross, Class 5c, Spink 1352,

reverse reads:- +


Canterbury Mint,

moneyer Iohan B, with old ticket, lightly crinkled, Fair

£40 - £45


John/Henry III silver penny Short Cross, Class 6b/c,

Spink 1354/5 reverse reads:- +ABEL.ON.LVNDE,

Ex.Seaby October 1969, with two old tickets, reverse off

centre, a little flatness on legend each side, F

£40 - £45


Julia Maesa denarius, Rome 220-222A.D., reverse:-

Felicitas, Sear 7757, nice even strike, dull, GVF

£40 - £50


Julia Mamaea silver denarius, Rome Mint 226 A.D.,

reverse reads:- VESTA, Vesta standing to the left, holding

long sceptre and Pallaium, Sear 8217, dark toned but

exhibiting some cabinet gold colour, EF

£70 - £80


Julian II, silver siliqua, struck as Augustus, Trier Mint

361-362 A.D., reverse:- VOTIS V MVLTIS X, in exrgue

T R followed by palm branch, Sear 19129, full flan, very

small piece missing from edge, VF with a ditto but of

Valentinian I, Trier Mint 368-375 A.D., reverse reads:-

VRBS ROMA, in exergue TR PS followed by dot, Sear

19374, both with old tickets by Alan Cherry, three-

quarters of extreme edge gone, VF [2]

£30 - £35


Macrinus silver denarius, Rome Mint 217 A.D. reverse

reads:- PONTIF MAX TR P COS P P, Felicitas standing

left, holding long caduceus and cornucopiae, Sear

7348var., nice portrait, NEF

£90 - £110


Marcus Aurelius sestertius, Rome Mint 169 A.D.,

reverse:- Aequitas seated left, holding scales and

cornucopiae, Sear 5012, GF

£40 - £50


Mariniana Billon Antoninianus. Rome Mint 253-254

AD. Reverse: Consecratio around peacock standing

facing, head right , tail in splendour. Sear 10068. Bust of

charming style, GVF

£90 - £110


Mark Antony d.31 B.C., silver denarius of Legionary

issue, reverse:- Legionary eagle between two standards,

legend LEG XX, with old ticket by Alan Cherry, both

dies off centre, good metal, GF

£30 - £40


Mary silver groat, reverse reads:- VERITAS etc., Spink

2492, crinkled but this has saved the portrait, extreme

edge loss at obverse 4 o'clock, NF

£50 - £60


Maximinus I Silver Denarius, Rome Mint. 235-236AD.

Reverse reads: Victoria Aug. Victory advancing right,

holding wreath & palm. Sear 8317 NEF.

£40 - £50


Merovingian bronze coin, rare, F together with a

Byzantine bronze of Justinian I, with full ticket by Roger

Vezin, F/NVF [2]

£50 - £55


Northumbrian copper stycas, Archiepiscopal Issues,

Wigmund by the moneyer ETHELWEARD, Spink 870,

Fair/F, together with a ditto but moneyer COENRED,

GF/F, both Ex. Spink and Bolton Percy Hoard, tickets

and details added [2]

£50 - £60


Northumbrian copper stycas, Regal Issues, Eanred by the

moneyer BROD[E]R, Spink 862 small amount of ancient

edge loss F/NVF, together with a ditto but of Aethelred

II [First Reign] by the moneyer EANRED, Spink 865,

flan angular but as struck, slightly rough surfaces, GF/F

both Ex Bolton Percy Hoard and both with old tickets [2]

£50 - £60


Otacilia Severa Silver Antoninianus. Rome mint 247 AD.

Reverse reads: Pietas Augustae. Sear 9158. High grade &

much original lustre.

£35 - £45


Penny Cynethryth (Wife of Offa) c.757-796, Light

Coinage Canterbury Mint, moneyer Eoba, S.909, North

339, Chick 138c (this coin), weight 1.12 grammes, About

VF, well-centred with a few very small pitting marks,

extremely rare, Cynethryth being the only Anglo-Saxon

queen to have her name and portrait on coinage, we note

an EF example sold for $42000 in May 2008

£6000 - £7000


Penny Henry VIII Sovereign type, Durham Mint, TW

beside shield, hat below, S.2358 mintmark Star Fine

£35 - £40


Penny Offa, King of Mercia, (757-796) Crosslet obverse,

S.904, North 266, CEB 7, moneyer BABBA approaching


£1000 - £1100