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Group mounted as worn to W/O G W Kail (352858)

RAF. Medals - 1939-45 Star, Defence & War Medals,

GV RAF LSGC Medal (IND: IMP). (4)

£50 - £55


Group Of 4 Consisting Of 1939-45 Defence & War QE2

Coronation And RAF Long Service To 530351 Sgt J A

G Cook RAF mounted for wearing

£100 - £110


Group to 1025990 W.O.CL.II. Charles King Mason RA.

Mounted as worn - MBE (Mily), 1939-45 Star, France &

Germany Star, Defence & War Medal, 1937 Coronation

Medal, Regular Army GVI LSGC Medal. With original

Royal Mint case for the MBE. (L/G 1/1/1944)

Commissioned 1st Oct 1940 as Lieut. Toned GVF (7)

£170 - £180


Group to 1421066 Bmbr F A Luhr RA. Medals mounted

as worn - India General Service Medal with North West

Frontier 1935 clasp, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star + 1st

Army bar, Italy Star, Defence & War Medal with

Mentioned In Despatches emblem, Regular Army GVI

LSGC Medal (W.O.CL.II.), and GVI Meritorious

Service Medal (W.O.CL.2.), plus Dunkirk Medal (1960).

MID for North Africa L/G 23rd Sept 1943. Frederick

Arthur Luhr seems to have joined up using a false name

'Lovet'. He enlisted 26/4/1921 and served till

24/10/1951. Lot also includes photo of him wearing

medals, a silver Buffalo Medal, Bible and wrist Watch,

etc (qty)

£350 - £400


Group to 23858006 L/Cpl L J Hickling REME. Medals

- CSM QE2 with South Arabia clasp, and QE2 Regular

Army LSGC Medal, plus unverified Middle Eastern

award (unnamed). VF (3)

£80 - £85


Group to 304 Colour Sergt J Kelly Royal Sussex Regt.

Medals - Victorian Army LSGC Medal (small lettering),

and GV Meritorious Service Medal (swivel). (2) GVF

£300 - £320


Group to 4442443 Sjt N Colman Durham L.I. Medals -

1939-45 Star, War Medal, GVI Regular Army LSGC

Medal, and QE2 Efficiency Medal with Territorial clasp

(22236684 Sgt N Colman RE). (4)

£70 - £75


Group to 528 Serjt R F Nichols Imperial Light Infantry -







TH/RoL/Tran/LN/OFS, and KSA with bars

SA01/SA02, plus BWM & Victory Medal (2/Lieut R F

Nicholls RAF). Served with Commander-in-Chiefs

Bodyguard. Born Cornwall. On returning to the UK he

lied about his age and joined the RAF and was training

to be a Pilot when the war ended. VF (4)

£300 - £350


Group to 5620 Pte Joseph Ferguson 2nd Rl Highlanders

- QSA with bars CC/Pa/Dr/Tr/Witt. KSA with bars

SA01 & SA02. BWM & Victory Medal (2595 A.Sjt J

Ferguson R. Highlanders). Wounded In Action at

Retiefsnek 23/7/1900. VF (4)

£200 - £220


Group to 6536 Pte H J Barber Vol Coy Wilts Regt.

Medals - QSA with CC/OFS and BWM & Victory

Medal (named WR-322105 Sgt H J Barber RE). GVF (3)

£120 - £140


Group to 856283 W.O.CL.1. A C Mason REME.

Mounted as worn with matching miniatures - 1939-45

Star, Africa Star, Defence & War Medal, QE2 Regular

Army LSGC Medal. VF

£55 - £60


Group to 9014 Pte E Payce (2nd) Som L.I. (later

5663860). Medals as worn - BWM (officially renamed ?),

India General Service Medal with bar Afghanistan

N.W.F. 1919, and Army GV LSGC Medal. Medal card

confirms no Victory Medal. (3) a/f

£100 - £120


Group to D/SX568004 Geoffrey Hanson AB RN HMS

Dolphin. Lot includes his Naval Pay & Identity Book,

Travel ID Card 1946, Medals - 1939-45 Star, Atlantic

Star, War Medal and Police LSGC Medal QE2 (CH.

INSPR. Geoffrey Hanson).

£80 - £85


Group to Frederick Alfred Lowther Poole - BWM to

10423 S.Sjt F A L Poole RE, IGS with North West

Frontier 1930-31 clasp (Condr F A L Poole M.E.S.),

MSM GV (swivel) (S.Sjt F A L Poole MIL. WKS. SERV

TA), and GV Army LSGC Medal (S-Sgt F A L Poole

Barrack Dept). Born St Marys, Bristol. MSM L/G

22/2/1919 "Valuable Services in connection with War

Hospitals and Accommodations of Troops in India".

Recommended for the DSO. GVF (4)

£360 - £380


Group to H-38587 Pte A Nice 7th Hussars (BWM), and

India General Service Medal with Afghanistan NWF

1919 clasp named D-33681 Pte A Nice 1. Kings

Dragoon Guards (naming corrected). Medals confirmed

as his only entitlement via Medal card. (2)

£80 - £85


Group to H R Bunkle of Heacham, Norfolk. 1939-45

Star, France & Germany Star, War Medal, and

Metropolitan Police Medal 1911 (P.C. H Bunkle). EF (4)

£40 - £45


Group to Lieut R P W Clouter REME. Medals mounted

as worn 1939-45 Star, Africa Star + 1st Army bar, Italy

Star, Defence & War Medals, GVI Regular Army LSGC

Medal, plus match miniatures. VF

£80 - £90


Group to Major J J Kerr Hamps Regt. Awarded the

Territorial Efficiency Decoration L/G 21/4/1950.

Medals mounted as worn by Spink & Son - 1939-45 Star,

France & Germany Star, Defence & War Medal, 1937

Coronation Medal, Territorial Efficiency Decoration

GVIR dated 1950. Plus matching miniature group.

£120 - £130


Group to S-18590 T.W.O.CL.2. W R Ward ASC.

Medals mounted as worn - BWM & Victory Medal with

MID emblem, 1935 Jubilee Medal, 1937 Coronation

Medal, GV Army LSGC Medal (S-18590 S.Sjt W R

Ward RASC), and GV Meritorious Service Medal

(S.Sjt.A.S.Q.M.Sjt). 1939-45 Star, Defence & War

Medal. MSM L/G 17/6/1918 (Aldershot), and his MID

was L/G on 16/3/1919 att H.Q. 40 Div. VF (9)

£220 - £240


GSM GV with Iraq clasp to 1044750 Gnr Edward

George Selway RA. Died 16/9/1941 white serving with

148th (The Bedfordshire Yeo) Field Regt. Buried

Radstock Churchyard. Lived Radstock Nr Bath. VF

£100 - £120


GSM GVI with Palestine 1945-48 clasp to 19044228

Dvr R Dale RASC. GVF

£40 - £45


GSM QE2 with Malaya clasp to 2726927 A.C.I. R H

Shields RAF. EF

£40 - £45


Helmet back plate O/R's for the blue cloth helmet, w/m

£25 - £30


Helmet Plate - Officers KC helmet back plate for the

blue cloth helmet. s/plate

£40 - £45


Helmet: A rare WW2 British Army Tanker Mark II

made by the Empire Rubber Company. The internal

label shows '6.78' 'EMPIRE' and '1940' with WD arrow.

Leather sweatband and liner inside liner marked 'W^D'

and '16'. Hard (rubber?) shell with three cracks. Soft

rubber pad to the front to protect the wearer. Chinstrap

has been cut off. Liner stamped 'EMPIRE' and 'PAT.

APP. FOR'. The cracks do not threaten the integrity of

the helmet which is sound. A rare and completely

original item.

£200 - £250


HMS Victory interest a large piece of Copper Bottom

taken from HMS Victory when refurbished in frame with


£90 - £100


Imperial German Iron Cross 1st Class, Schinkle form

engraved on the back W.B. and the date 19.3.1917.

Makers Mark 'KO' (Kriegs Ministerium) denoting a field

issue. Overall GC

£120 - £140


Imperial German M1909 Pattern Ammo Pouch (WW1

or earlier) Black leather by Martin Je Hamburg (2)

£40 - £45


Imperial German paperwork

£40 - £45


Imperial German Postal Protection Regimental Officers

peaked cap, dark blue crown with red piping, black

velvet cap band with white & red piping, worn canvas

(cross hatched) sweat band, tan underside of peak.

Officers Reich cockade and officers Imperial crowned

Post insignia. Overall GC

£120 - £140