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Rifle: A Great War SMLE MKIII* by Enfield in 1917.

Peddled scheme crown mostly matching numbers. Top

wood ears trimmed. MKIII star spec. Appears to have

been used at some time by the South Africans. Butt disc

stamped to 11 Field Coy S.A. Engineers. Good working

order and condition with certificate of deactivation.

£300 - £350


Rifle: A Jager .22 cal copy of the iconic Russian A.K. 47.

A good faithful copy of this world famous rifle. Very

good condition and working order. Deactivated and

action fully functioning. With d/act certificate

£130 - £140


Rifle: A Korean War vintage Mosin Nagant Carbine

with integral bayonet. Breech dated 1952. In very good

working order and condition with excellent woodwork

and most original finish. With certificate of deactivation.

£130 - £140


Rifle: A Mauser Gew 98 service rifle dated 1910.

Metalwork with light to medium pitting. Stock bruised,

commensurate with service wear. Some mixed numbers.

In good working order and sound condition. With

certificate of deactivation.

£400 - £450


Rifle: A percussion two band musket of Indian origin.

Barrel 30". Lock in working order. Worn overall. Brass

furniture. No licence required.

£50 - £60


Rifle: A scarce 4mm cal 'Zimmerstutzen' with the Stiegle Action No11.

Rearsight, double set trigger. This is an indoor target rifle popular in

Germany, Austria & Switzerland prior to WW1. The butt is in the

Schiveitzer Backe style. The action is cocked by the lever under the barrel.

Triggerguard and buttstock contoured to fit the shooter. A very unusual

item. It is a section 58 (2) obsolete calibre under the current Firearms Act.

Very good working order and condition. A collectors lot.

£400 - £450


Rifle: A scarce Great War MKIII (Volley Sight) SMLE

by BSA & Co in 1914. Correct specifications including

magazine cut off and windage knob to rear sight.

Original walnut stocks, front volley dial and rear peep

sight. Several official armourers repairs to woodmark. In

good working order and condition. The MK III Volley

SMLE saw heavy use during 1914, 15 & 16 before being

replaced by the MK III* during 1916. With certificate of


£400 - £450


Rifle: A semi-auto 'Remington Nylon Model 77' .22 cal

sporting rifle. Lightweight plastic stock. Action in

working order (magazine absent). In good condition

overall. With certificate of deactivation.

£50 - £60


Rifle: A SMLE service rifle by Enfield and dated 1917.

No matching numbers. In good working order and

condition with canvas sling and dummy rounds. With

d/act certificate . No licence required.

£200 - £250


Rifle: A Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 7.5mm (obsolete cal).

Straight pull bolt action. Walnut fullstock. No licence

required. The whole in good condition. Model 1889/96.

Used by the Swiss Army.

£240 - £260


Rifle: A WW1 SMLE MKIII * by Enfield & dated 1916.

Cal. 303. Good working order and condition. With

certificate of deactivation.

£340 - £360


Rifle: A WW2 'Lend Lease' No 4 Enfield Rifle, by

Savage. Receiver marked 'U.S. Property'. Beechwood

stock. Cal.303 with certificate of deactivation. GWO &


£290 - £310


Rifle: A .22 cal 'Squibman' semi-auto rifle. Design loosely

modelled on the U.S. M16. Action function. Wood

stocks. Deactivated with certificate.

£60 - £70


Rifle: Chinese S.K.S. Assault rifle cal. 7.62mm. Wooden

stock. Folding cruciform bayonet under the barrel.

Action welded solid, deactivated 2015 with certificate.

£170 - £180


Rifle: WW2 Nazi KAR98K 7.92mm service rifle. Breech

dated 1939. Piranha pine stock showing service wear.

Magazine spring & plate missing. No cleaning rod. In

good working order and condition. With certificate of


£220 - £230


Royal Naval Officers Sword GV with scabbard & bag

£160 - £170


Shell: A 100mm Armour Piercing Sub Calibre T.55

battle tank round in inert condition. Good condition.

Buyer collects.

£70 - £75


Shotgun: A good percussion Sporting shotgun converted

from flintlock. Part octagonal, part round barrel 31".

Lovely engraving of a duck to the lockplate. Fine walnut

stock (minor losses to top of fore-end). Crisp lock on half

and full cock. Drum and nipple conversion. Barrel top


MAJESTY'. H.W. MORTIMER one of England's finest

gunsmiths. Made fine pistols and sporting guns from

1755 to 1824. This shotgun made as a flintlock circa

1800-1810. Good piece

£150 - £200


Shotgun: An attractive deactivated double barrelled 12

bore shotgun circa 1900. 30". Damascus twist barrels,

side lever opening with deactivation certificate. A good

decorator. Working order.

£100 - £120


Sidearm: A Prussian Sidearm. Brass ribbed hilt. Broad

machete type blade 19". Ricasso marked 12 AF.7.7.56.

Worn but sound overall.

£40 - £50


Spears: African (?) spears of 19th/20th century origin. In

good condition and will make an attractive decoration.

(3) Buyer collects)

£30 - £35


Stands: A lot of 6 sword stands made from various

polished woods. Buyer collects

£20 - £25


Sub Machine Gun. A Russian PPSH 41.7.62mm sub

machine gun made in 1944. New spec de-act. All parts

welded, drum magazine. Wood stock. In good overall

condition with certificate dated 2015.

£200 - £250


Sub Machine Gun: A British Sterling sub machine gun

MK4 (LZA3) New spec d/act 2013. No moving parts in

action. Worn condition. With d/act. cert. With


£290 - £310


Sub Machine Gun: A U.S .45 cal Thompson sub

machine gun with magazine. New spec deactivated,

action welded. Action marked 'AUTO ORDNANCE


U.S.A'. Thompson logo to top. Action marked

'Thompson Sub Machine Gun Calibre .45 MI No

122203'. Good condition with deactivation certificate.

£200 - £250


Sub Machine Gun: Israeli UZI 9mm sub machine gun.

New spec d/act 2014. Only trigger moves. No motive

parts in action. With certificate of deactivation. With


£270 - £280


Swedish Bayonets: 1) A Pattern 1914 carbine bayonet in

its steel scabbard. 2) A Model 1896 bayonet in its steel

scabbard. Both in good condition. (2)

£20 - £25