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Pistol: A good turn off barrel, boxlock, single shot

percussion pocket pistol circa 1840. Action sideplate with

makers name 'MACE' & 'Reading'. Large bore (.42)

Retains virtually all original blued finish. Plain bag

shaped grips. Crisp working order. Appears to have

never been fired. Contained in a dummy book 'Fletcher's

Works. Interesting lot, rarely found in this collectors

grade condition.

£300 - £350


Pistol: A good Walther P.P. Police pistol. Most of its

original finish. Walther banner flag to slide. Cal.

7.65mm. Good working order and condition. With its

certificate of deactivation. Nice pistol.

£200 - £250


Pistol: A Heckler & Koch German signal pistol S16, P2,

A1 - 26.5mm. Deactivated with certificate and contained

in its plastic holster with carrying strap. No licence


£25 - £30


Pistol: A Nazi marked P38, 9mm military semi automatic

pistol, made by Mauser-Werke Oberndorf (marked byf

44) Waffenampt markings. In good working order.

Overall in good condition (some wear and roughness to

finish). With certificate of deactivation.

£380 - £400


Pistol: A Nazi marked P38, 9mm, military semi

automatic pistol by Carl Walther, Zella-Mehlis,

Thuringia (ac43) in 1943. A good pistol with its original

blued finish. In good working order and excellent

condition. With certificate of deactivation.

£420 - £440


Pistol: A post war Browning High Power, 9mm,

semiautomatic pistol. Slide bears the Herstal Belgique

legend. Contoured plastic grips. Finish worn. Good

working order and used condition with certificate of


£300 - £320


Pistol: A P.07 Luger by DWM dated 1916. Later

rebarrelling to a 5.5 barrel marked 'Werle'. Refurbished

overall with plastic base plug magazine. Imperial marks

to frame. GWO & condition. Frame & action with

matching nos. With certificate of deactivation.

£650 - £700


Pistol: A Russian WW2 Service, semiautomatic pistol

dated 1935. Cal:7.62. Tolkarev pistol made at the Tula

Arsenal. Deactivated with certificate. Worn condition

but a good example of this iconic pistol. Good working


£140 - £160


Pistol: A Spanish semi auto Astra .380 cal Model 3000.

Lacks magazine and one grip screw absent, others

replaced. Good working order and condition (wear to

finish). With its certificate of deactivation.

£120 - £130


Pistol: A WW1 Mauser Semi automatic pistol, cal

7.65mm. Barrel 3.5". One piece wrap around wooden

grip. Manufactured in 1915. A few minor areas of

pitting. In good working order and condition with its

certificate of deactivation. *These pistols widely used in


£220 - £240


Pistol: A .22 Cal Tokarev 'Sportowy' semiautomatic

pistol. Similar to the Russian Service pistol, but

manufactured in Poland. Good working order and

condition. With certificate of deactivation dated 2013.

£190 - £210


Pistol: A .22 cal Walther T.P.H. semi automatic pistol ( a

scaled down PPK) in its original box of issue with its test

target and handbook. Good working order and

condition. Sold with its certificate of deactivation. As


£180 - £200


Pistol: A .31 cal. single shot pistol of modern

manufacture. Deactivated with certificate. Action a/f.

£70 - £75


Pistol: An extremely rare WW2 SOE WELROD MKII

assassination pistol. Calibre .32/7.65mm. Serial number

of this weapon is 0091 (approx 2800 made) possibly

1600!! Simple grip safety. Detachable rubber grip

containing an 8 (?) round magazine. Action is a manually

operated single action, operating with a 6 or 8 round

magazine. This pistol conforms with all the specifications

and was before deactivation, a firearm. An interesting

item with de/act certificate. a/f

£1000 - £1500


Pistol: An interesting .22 cal 'High Standard' 'The Victor'

by High Standard mfg corps. Action marked

'MILITARY'. It would seem likely the pistol would have

been used for military training. In good working order

and condition. With certificate of deactivation.

£200 - £250


Pistol: Spanish 'STAR' automatic pistol fitted with a 5.5"

silencer. Calibre .22. Plastic grips. Frame marked 'V.S.

Patent'. In good working order and condition (some wear

to finish). Foresight blade absent. With certificate of


£220 - £240


Pistol: WW2 3rd Reich Walther Signal Pistol. Barrel 6".

Cal 26mm. Nazi eagle markings and dated 1940. In

good working order and condition. Deactivated with


£120 - £140


Pocket knives 10x military and civilian examples

£40 - £45


Pocket knives x 7 in new condition. Able clasp knife:

Adolf Hitler Commemorative: (5) Gerber (7).

£20 - £25


Pocket Knives: 6 collectors pocket knives contained in a

fitted display case. Single blade 3.3/4. Each with an

illustrated panel e.g. helicopters in action. Blade marked

'UH-1B HUEY'. Also appears to have medal ribbon

logo. Varying designs.

£30 - £35


Pocket Knives: 6 collectors pocket knives contained in

purpose built display case. Knife blades 3.5". Ricasso

marked 'FM'. Each knife with an eagle head attached.

Varying designs to grips. Attractive lot.

£30 - £35


Powder Tester c19th century, large wheel graduated

from 2 to 24 (yards?). Light rusting. Interesting lot.

£30 - £35


RAF Officers sword GVI, with leather and medal

scabbard, plated finish, blade rusty

£100 - £120


RAF QE2 officers sword with leather scabbard, nickel

plated finish. Blade rusted

£100 - £120