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Revolver: A large and impressive colt .357 Magnum

revolver. Retains all its blued finish with rubber

'PACHMAYR' grips. An outstanding example of this

heavy calibre revolver. Barrel mark 'COLTS PTFA

MFG. Co HARTFORD USA'. In very good working

order and condition. With certificate of deactivation.

£420 - £440


Revolver: A large and impressive .357 Magnum Colt

'KING COBRA' bright steel finish. Hard rubber grips

with colt medallion. Barrel 4". Swing out cylinder. A fine

example of this famous colt revolver. Deactivated with its

2011 certificate. Very good working order and condition.

£400 - £450


Revolver: A large calibre .455 Belgian Civilian Revolver.

Barrel 4". Chequered wooden grips and lanyard ring.

Good working order and condition. Deactivated with


£170 - £180


Revolver: A large Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. Bright

steel finish, quality rosewood (?) grips. Barrel 4". OLD

SPEC. D/Act (1977 Spec A). Very good working order

and condition. With 1977 deactivation certificate.

£200 - £250


Revolver: A Pattern 1851 .45 (54 bore) Cal, Adams, self

cocking percussion revolver. Barrel 6.25" engraved (faint

in parts) 'Deane Adams & Deane 30 King William

Street, London Bridge'. Sprung safety catch absent from

frame. Frame engraved 'Adams Patent No 9356 R' cap

trap in butt. Chequered walnut grip. Engraving to frame.

Refinished overall with some light pitting. Good working


£300 - £350


Revolver: A Smith & Wesson .38 S & W special, snub

nosed revolver. Most original blued finish. Rubber

Pachmayr type grips. Good working order and

condition. Model 15-3. Barrel 5cm. With certificate of


£300 - £350


Revolver: A Smith & Wesson .38 special snub nosed

revolver with concealed hammer. Blued finish, 5 shot.

Good working order and condition. Rosewood grips with

finger grooves. With certificate of deactivation.

£200 - £250


Revolver: A Smith & Wesson .38 Special snub nosed

revolver. Barrel 5cm. Ill fitting replacement grips. Good

working order and condition. With certificate of


£200 - £250


Revolver: A Spanish 'RUBY EXTRA' .22 calibre

revolver. Barrel 5". Blued finish, wood grips with 'Ruby'

logo. Good working order and condition. With certificate

of deactivation dated 2011.

£100 - £120


Revolver: A Spanish Astra .38 cal 6 shot revolver.

Chequered wood grips, double action. Very good

condition and working order. With its certificate of

deactivation dated 2015.

£140 - £190


Revolver: A speculative Colt London revolver struck

down bright serial number 7432 which dates it to 1854.

No markings to barrel, faint spurious 'COLT' to frame.

One piece walnut grip (corners rounded). This would

indicate a Brevete model. Viewing recommended, sold

with a low reserve. Working order and worn but sound

condition. No licence required. a/f

£300 - £350


Revolver: A Tranter's Patent .230 Cal pocket revolver.

Single action. Frame marked 'Tranter's Patent' & SN:

39049. Brass frame with acanthus scrolling. Barrel 2"

engraved 'H.W. EGG. No 1 Piccadilly London'. Brass

buttplate with cartridge ejector rod. One piece ivory grip

steel trigger guard. Deactivated with certificate.

Contained in its fitted polished mahogany? maker's case

with trade label for Henry Egg. Gun, Rifle and Pistol

manufacturer to the Royal Family. Oil brush and

cleaning bristle brush. A note included from the vendor

stating the revolver was used on stage at the Stretford

Empire during his music hall act. Also a former Equerry

to King Edward VII. Pistol dates from end of 19th

century. A fine lot with an interesting provenance. (Box

no key & lacks keyhole escutcheon)

£450 - £500


Revolver: A Uberti modern copy of the Remington .44

cal New Model Army percussion revolver. Brass frame,

blued barrel (7.75) & cylinder. Two piece varnished

grips. In good working order and condition. With its

deactivation certificate.

£150 - £160


Revolver: A .357 cal. Henry Arms single action revolver.

A good copy of the colt S.A.A. Mod. 1873. Target sight.

Barrel 6". Modern 'Colt' Eagle grips. Brass T/G &

Backstrap. Good working order and condition. With

certificate of deactivation.

£100 - £120


Revolver: An 8mm Lebel, Velo Dog chequered hard

rubber grips. Folding trigger. Circa 1900. * Velo dog

revolvers were made for cyclists to ward off hostile dogs

when they were out cycling. An interesting item in

decent condition. Good working order with certificate of


£100 - £120


Revolver: An Astra .22 snub nosed revolver. Nine shot

cylinder. Barrel 2". In good working order and condition

with certificate of deactivation.

£140 - £160


Revolver: An Imperial German Model 1879 19.6mm

obsolete cal service revolver. These revolvers issued to:

dragoons, cuirassiers, NCOs and artillery men. Widely

used in WW1. Long cannon barrel 7". Six shot cylinder

(cylinder walls have been cut away and hammer striker

pin ground down). Worn overall, screws replaced, single

action in GWO. No licence required or d/act certificate

as it is on the Home Office obsolete list.

£500 - £550


Rifle: A French Model 1907-15, 8mm Berthier service

rifle made at St Etienne. Straight bolt and three round

magazine. Possibly rebarrelled for use in WW2 as the

barrel lacks the date. Sling attached to stock through

holes drilled in the stock. Good walnut stock. Calibre

8x50.5R mm Lebel. In good working order and

condition with certificate of deactivation.

£350 - £400


Rifle: A good Volunteer P.53 percussion rifle cal .577.

Military proofs to barrel and sold out of service marks.

Rear of lock with Crown & 'V.R'. Front of lock marked

'TOWER 1857'. Sight graduated to 800 yards. Fine

walnut stock with makers stamp 'GODDARD'. Stock

marked '2 NEW' and with the sold out of service mark.

Brass furniture and original ramrod. A collectors lot.

Very good working order and condition.

£500 - £550