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Knives: modern kukris from the Kukuri House

Katmandu: 1) Modern Jung Bahadur kukri. New in its

leather scabbard. Blade 14". 2) Large brass handled kukri

with 2 skinning knives in its leather scabbard. Good

quality. (2)

£20 - £25


Knives: Set of 6 pocket knives, single blades 3".

Contained in a fitted presentation case. Grips with

decorated panels of game scenes e.g. bears, deer, fish etc.

All in good condition.

£30 - £35


Knives: Set of 6 pocket knives. Single blades 3.5".

Contained in a fitted presentation case. Grips with

decorated panels depicting North American Wolves.

Each knife with a metal wolf's head attached. All in good


£30 - £35


Knives: sheath knives in leather scabbards. All in new

condition. (4)

£20 - £25


Knives: sheath knives lacking their scabbards. All in good

condition. (4)

£20 - £25


Late 19th Century single barrel rook gaming gun

£65 - £70


Machete: 1) A modern military type machete, new in

khaki canvas scabbard. 2) An interesting Indian type

Pattern sappers and miners type. Socket bayonet with

broad blade. 3) Mosin Nagant carbine bayonet. 4)

Shortened Gras Model 1874. All bayonets have no

scabbards. (4)

£20 - £25


Machine Gun: A German MG42 Light machine gun cal

7.92mm. With certificate of deactivated dated 2014.

Cocks and dry fires. In good overall condition. No visible

markings. Vendor notes 'NAZI ME BN2'. With bi-pod.

Buyer collects.

£1000 - £1100


Machine Gun: A Russian DP28 Light Machine Gun

with drum magazine. Wooden shoulder stock. Bipod.

Good condition. Action cocks & fires. With certificate of

deactivation. Buyer collects.

£270 - £280


Machine Gun: A Russian Light Machine Gun Model

DPM44. cal: 7.62mm with drum magazine. Action cocks

and fires. In very good w/order & condition. Retains

original finish. Wooden buttstock & pistol grips. With

certificate of deactivation (with bipod). Buyer collects.

£300 - £350


Masonic type sword by Wilkinson sword with their

Masonic logo to ricasso. Blade 30" decorated with

Knights Templar jousting & knight bearing a banner.

Gilt Maltese Cross, crossguard. Wirebound ebony grip.

Nice sword. No scabbard.

£40 - £45


Mauser C96 semi auto pistol. Mixed numbers 602887

(1923-30) & 494105 (1921-3) Barrel 4". Cal 7.63mm.

Made circa 1923. This is a commercial pistol sold to

armies in the Baltic States and designated 'Model 1921

Bolo Mauser'. Used by German Frei Corps, White

Russians, Poles, Lithuanians etc. Called the 'Bolo' model

due to its association with the Bolsheviks. An interesting

pistol. In working order , but worn overall (action loose).

Plain small smooth grips (screw replaced). One grip

scored not cracked.

£370 - £380


Militaria: A quantity of reloading equipment for a 12

bore shotgun including a capping/reloading tool by

Bowman and Co, tin of shot, once fired cartridges etc.

Lot viewing recommended. In 2 boxes. (Buyer Collects)

£25 - £30


Military style knives. 1) KCB type military knife. Good

condition. 2) Stainless steel hunting type knife in plastic

scabbard. 3) KCB type military knife. (3)

£20 - £25


Musket: A .76 (Musket) bore, Pattern 'F' EIC Musket.

Worn lock with faint crown and marked 'ENFIELD'.

Walnut stock with armours repairs and repaired fracture

to wrist. Brass buttplate marked 'IV. G. 20 & 58'. Brass

furniture, Hanoverian bayonet cateli and ramrod. Circa

1845 to 1851. With old repairs to woodwork. In working

order (1st cock only). A large and impressive Victorian


£150 - £200


Pistols: A pair of matching boxlock, single barrel

(hexagonal) percussion, pocket pistols. Barrels 3.5".

Simple acanthus type engraving. Belgian proof marks.

Bag shaped wooden grips. Locks in working order.

Pistols in clean condition and are of average quality.

Pistol circa 1840s. (2)

£140 - £160


Pistol: A composite Great War Luger P.07 by DWM.

Chamber dated 1918 re-barrelled (front sight blade

absent) Chequered grips. WW2 aluminium plug

magazine. Mixed numbers & well worn. Bottom section

from an earlier pistol. Complete with certificate of

deactivation & in good working order.

£600 - £650


Pistol: A decent flintlock, boxlock, turn off, pocket pistol.

Barrel 3". Frame marked with makers name ('Matson' ?)

English proof and view marks. Ring neck cock, frizzen

(spring gone) safety catch. A nice pistol, grips possibly

replaced. Dates circa 1800.

£100 - £120


Pistol: A French automatic pistol MAB 'Modele D' Cal

7.65. Barrel 4". Chromed finish. Frame carries French

Naval anchor logo. In good working order and generally

good condition. Plastic grips (minor distressing to right

hand grip panel). With its 1994 certificate of


£100 - £120


Pistol: A German 3rd Reich Leucht pistol LP-42. Frame

marked 'wa' made by Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG

Lampenfabrik, Leipzig. WaAA mark to breech. Barrel

6", calibre 27mm. Manufactured 1942-5. Bakelite grips.

Pressed steel construction. Signal pistole de Wehrmacht,

Panzertruppe und Luftwaffe. A large signal pistol not

often encountered. Good working order and original

condition. With certificate of deactivation.

£180 - £200


Pistol: A German PO7 Luger chamber dated 1921 &

made by DWM. All matching numbers to pistol, much

original finish, straw colour to steel parts. Chequered

wood grips. Aluminium based magazine. A good

example in good working order. With certificate of


£650 - £700


Pistol: A German WW2 3rd Reich 26mm signal pistol.

Manufactured by Ayf (Waffenfabrik ERMA of

ERFURT) in 1941. Barrel 6". good working order and

condition. Nazi markings with deactivation certificate.

£150 - £200


Pistol: A good flintlock pistol of the Light Dragoon

Pattern. Stepped unbolted lock with rain proof pan and

roller frizzen. Lock engraved with crown & 'G&R'.

Walnut stock with plain brass furniture. Iron rammer.

Barrel 9". Swan neck cock. Barrel with two proof marks.

Pistol circa 1820. Good working order and condition.

Superb lot

£800 - £850


Pistol: A good Great War Imperial Luger. Toggle

marked 'ERFURT' and breech stamped '1918'. Barrel

4". Most original blued finish and all matching numbers

including sideplate & button. Good walnut grips and

original WW1 magazine with wooden base plug. In very

good working order and condition. Deactivation in 1997

(spec 'A') cal. 9mm. A very good example of this iconic

pistol. Standard 4 proof marks. With its deactivation


£650 - £700


Pistol: A good Swiss Luger, top of toggle marked with

Swiss Cross within a shield grip safety. Barrel 4.5".

Plastic plug magazine, chequered plastic grips. In good

overall condition. In its leather military holster by 'E.

HINTERMANN 07'. With certificate of deactivation

GWO & condition.

£800 - £850