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Sword: A good 1857 Pattern Engineer Officers Sword by

Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London. Blade 34.5" and

numbered 15,599. (Dates to 1868 January ?) Nicely

etched with Crown & VR. Wirebound fishskin hilt with

POW Feathers & 'by Appointment'. In its steel scabbard

throat stamped 'Wilkinson Pall Mall'. In good overall

condition. A quality sword with good patination & light

pitting. An untouched 'sleeper'.

£180 - £200


Sword: A good 1882 Pattern British Cavalry troopers

sword. Blade 33.5 with makers initials 'EFD' (Enfield) Top

of blade dated 1890 and reinspected 1899 for Boer War.

Steel bowl with Maltese Cross Motif. Unit marking to the

13th HUSSARS and rack number 840. Steel scabbard

with 2 fixed rings and dated '1893 (January)'. Leather grip

in good condition with service handling wear. The 13th

Hussars reached South Africa in Dec 1899 and were

present at Colenso, Relief of Ladysmith and a series of

smaller actions: Buffalo River, Bethel, Bosman Kranz,

Wagon Convoy, Charge at Langzeekoegat etc. This

sword has seen extensive service wear during this period.

A list of battles and history of 13th Hussars included with

the lot. A 'sleeper' patinated overall, no pitting or damage.

£300 - £350


Sword: A good Masonic Knights Templar dress sword by

Spencer & Co London. Plain Maltese Cross X Guard of

blackened brass. Etched blade 29". In its brass bound

leather scabbard. An attractive lot.

£40 - £45


Sword: A U.S. Civil War heavy Cavalry Sabre by

Hortsmann of Philadelphia. Ricasso marked with makers

name but sadly rubbed. Rack number 286 marked to

brass guard. Wirebound grip, some losses to wire. Three

bar brass hilt. Phryian pommel. Clean blade 36". A good

clean original example. No scabbard.

£80 - £90


Sword: A WW2 German Infantry Officers Sword.

Makers mark obscured by langet however it looks as W.K

& Cie, celluloid black grip with ornate brass guard &

drooping quillon. Leather loop In its black steel scabbard

with single ring & frog loop. Plain blade 35" SE & fullered.

An attractive little sword, a 'sleeper' in good overall


£150 - £200


Sword: A WW2 period German Infantry Officers sword.

Brass lions head pommel (Glass eyes missing) wirebound

fishskin grip. Nicely etched blade with stands of arms.

Plain brass stirrup guard. Blade 32" in good condition.

This is a quality sword in its black steel scabbard. No

makers mark visible. Lack of Nazi marks may date it

earlier than WW2.

£150 - £200


Sword: An 1827 Pattern Naval Officers Sword. Blade

31.5". Blade with Acanthus etching and Victorian Crown

& fouled anchor. Maker Shannon & Sons, Devonport.

Brass guard with Crown & Anchor device. Folding guard.

An attractive Victorian Naval sword.

£80 - £90


Sword: An 1845/54 Victorian Infantry Officers Sword.

Brass hilt with 'VR' Cypher blade, SE & Fullered 30"

(light rusting) Wirebound leather grip. No Scabbard. In

sound condition.

£50 - £60


Sword: An 1897 Pattern Edward VII Infantry Officers


ALDERSHOT. Wirebound fishskin hilt. Steel bowl with

Edward VII Cypher (some rusting) Engraved blade 32".

Initials 'AOM' (Alfred Oswald Mander 5th Bn. Welsh

Regiment with MIC address 'The Haven, Esplanade

Avenue Porthcawl, South Wales) In its steel scabbard,

should clean up well.

£120 - £140


Sword: An 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword by

Henry Wilkinson SN:- 60296. In its leather field service

scabbard. Etched blade with Geo V Cypher and owners

initials C.H.H. Blade 32" (some rust staining) Wirebound

fishskin grip, leather troddel. A good sword in need of a

little tlc, complete with leather carrying case.

£120 - £140


Sword: An old Indian Tulwar. All steel construction. A

plain simple sword. Pitting & staining overall. Disc

pommel. Traditional design. Blade 31". No scabbard.

£30 - £40


US WW2 Aircraft Escape knife complete with blade


£50 - £55


Various old bayonets including - East German AK47

bayonet with scabbard, 2x Lee Enfield No4 MkII "pig

sticker" bayonets with scabbards, 2x Lee Enfield No9

bayonets with scabbards, German K98 bayonet maker

marked 'P Weyersburg' no scabbard (poor), and a USA

M3 M8A1 fighting knife with scabbard (7)

£50 - £60


Victorian 19th century round barrel percussion box pock

pocket pistol by Hugh Granger of Preston

£250 - £260


Victorian sporting shotgun circa 1840. Fine Damascus

barrel 33 inch, part round and part octagonal of approx

10 bore. Unusual left hand lock, unmarked. Fine walnut

stock with chequered wrist and fore-end. This appears to

be a composite piece, but nonetheless attractive and of

good quality overall. In good working order and

condition. Sold a/f

£50 - £60


Victorian unusual military volunteer carbine, lock dated

1863 with military proof marks to the barrel

£450 - £460


WW1 07 pattern bayonet with metal and leather

scabbard. Blade marked 'S294 WSC'. Scabbard


£30 - £35


WW1 scarce 1915 dated spring bayonet training rifle in

good condition

£180 - £190

Sporting Programmes & Memorabilia


Album page signed by Southampton and on rear

Bradford City both 1934/35. Southampton 13 players

include Bradford, Sillet, Holt, Luckett. Bradford City 14

players include Mitchell, Bicknell, Hallows and Peachy

£25 - £30


Alfred Di Stefano - Real Madrid, Spain, Argentina black

and white postcard 5.5" x 4" boldly signed. His is a rare

and sort after signature. Head/shoulders relief probably

most famous with his European Cup Final with Real


£45 - £50


Arsenal v Aston Villa F/L Div 1, 18th April 1936


£25 - £30


Arsenal v Chelsea F/L Div 1, 6th April 1935 programme

£25 - £30


Athletic News Annuals 1929/30 - 1938/39 continuous

run missing 1931/32 and 1935/36. 8 annuals in total

with full information, fixtures, results etc (8)

£30 - £35