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Pistol: A mid Victorian target/duelling pistol. Octagonal

barrel 10.5" with rear and fore sights. Bag shaped,

chequered grips. Silver fore end and oval barrel keys.

Back action lock in working order with acanthus scrolling

to lockplate and hammer. Ramrod. Silver escutcheon to

grip. A nice quality pistol. Cleaned overall, but all


£120 - £140


Pistol: A Percussion, single shot, boxlock turnoff barrel

pocket pistol. Barrel 3". Acanthus scrolling to unsigned

sideplates. Bag shaped, chequered walnut grips, silver

escutcheon. Lock in w/order on 1st & 2nd cock.

Attractive little pocket pistol circa 1850.

£40 - £50


Pistol: A Prussian cavalry 'Potsam' pistol cal: 15mm.

Barrel 9" and dated 1851. Lock marked 'POTSDAM

G.S'. Brass furniture. Trigger guard marked 'U9. 4E 18',

Mainspring very tight with nipple protector. Speckled

patination overall. Nice looking pistol. Sold as Seen, age


£150 - £160


Pistol: An Eastern (Turkish) percussion belt pistol. Drum

and nipple conversion from flintlock. Barrel 9" part

octagonal part round. Sideplate with flags and canon

decorations. Hardwood stock with engraved brass

furniture. Action in working order. Nice pistol in original

(worn) condition.

£80 - £85


Pistol: An interesting percussion holster pistol. Appears to

be a drum & nipple conversion from a flintlock pistol.







CONSTABULARY' (Note the Cheshire Constabulary

was found on 20.4.1857. H.Q. at 4, Seller Street Chester).

Plain lock (slightly a/f brass furniture) Walnut stock with

plain bag shaped grip. Old repair to fore end. With

replacement (?) rammer. It was likely the new police force

would have initially used old refurbished weapon.

Interesting lot.

£130 - £140


Pistol: Pattern 1831. An outstanding Board of Ordnance

travelling pistol for self protection and military usage.

Short barrel with flat top 4.5". With GR proofs. Lock tail

marked 'TOWER'. Stepped lock with sliding safety and

Crown GR to lock plate. Ring neck cock, rain proof pan.

Captive rammer. Lanyard ring to stock. Polished walnut

stock with 'BO' arrow mark. Brass T/Guard. This pistol

for customs or coastguard use. Super piece

£900 - £950


Pocket flintlock pistol with folding trigger and safety lock,

1 3/4'' unscrew barrel, with two proof marks, engraved

drum and banners / sun, on lock

£120 - £150


Relic excavated k98 rifle found Normandy with WW1

Belgium rifle found western front

£35 - £40


Revolver: A Franklin Mint (?) copy of the Colt .45 S.A.

Revolver carried by Gen George S. Pattern JR. Displayed

on a frame with a map of Europe with Patton's battles

marked. A decent replica model (non firing no certificate

required) Action in w/o. Eagle plastic grips. A good

display item.

£35 - £40


Revolver: An Italian .330 blank firing (side vented) copy

of a .357 Magnum revolver. In good working order with

some wear to finish. No licence required.

£20 - £25


Revolver: An Italian .380 blank firing (side vented) copy

of a .357 S & W Magnum Revolver. In good working

order with some wear to finish. No licence required.

£20 - £25


Rifle: A French Pattern 1842 military musket. Lockplate

shows manufactured at MUTZIG Arsenal France. The

barrel length of 33.4 inch identifies this as the model 1842

dragoon Musket in .71 calibre. It has two barrel hands

(not 3). These were used in the Crimean War and 175,000

were bought for the U.S. Civil War. In working order.

£250 - £300


Rifle: A good Mauser Model 71/84 Service Rifle in

11mm (obsolete calibre no licence required) Action dated

1886 made at SPANDAU. Butt plate tang marked to

109th Regiment. Good bore. 'FW' Cypher to breech. SN:

3336. Tube magazine for 8 rounds on the Kropatschek

principle. Ordnance marked. A good example. These

rifles used on reserve line units in WW1.

£400 - £450


Rifle: A Mauser - Kropatschek Model 1886 service rifle

dated 1886. Rear of receiver marked crown with LIo

(Crest of King Luiz of Portugal) and 'M:1886'. Bolt action,

obsolete calibre (no licence required). In its walnut full

stock (some bruising) Bore dirty and appears shot out.

Rifle in generally good condition.

£270 - £280


Rifle: A Russian copy of a French Model 1842 musket

made in Belgium. Lock dated 1844. Stock with cheek

piece. Crack to forend and scattered woodworm holes.

Brass furniture. Lock in working order. Light pitting

overall. Barrel 41.5". Musket probably converted from


£200 - £250


Spanish early 20th century artillery side arm complete

with original scabbard

£120 - £130


Springfield Rifle 1903-1905 only model, a Ramrod, very

useful if anyone is missing one, GC Sold a/f

£25 - £30


SS German Officers Sword (composite) - some original

parts. Scabbard clean. Sold as found

£50 - £60


Sword - Spanish Rapier c 1720

£350 - £360


Sword - scarce Indian cavalry sword in its leather covered

scabbard with various ordnance markings and dated


£300 - £320


Sword stick a Victorian Gentleman's sword stick, silver

hallmarked, feint stamps to blade, GC

£90 - £100


Swords: 1) A French Gladius Pattern sidearm pattern

1841. Blade 18.5" (top missing, rusted with loss to one

edge). Blade relic, grip good. No scabbard. 2) A good Gras

Epee Bayonet made at Tulle in 1881. No scabbard. 3) An

Indian decorative/tourist sword in scabbard. G.C. (3)

£20 - £25


Swords: Indian all steel Tulwar and an Indian souvenir

sword. No scabbard. Worn overall. (2)

£20 - £25


Sword: A 19th century Briquette type sword. Unfullered

blade 26". Heavy brass ribbed grip. Unmarked overall.

Quite likely of French origin.

£25 - £30


Sword: A George V 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers

Sword. Etched blade 31.5" (tip rounded) Top of blade

numbered 02446. Wirebound fishskin grip. In a leather

field service scabbard. Worn overall, grip & guard good.

£100 - £110


Sword: A German (?) heavy cavalry sword circa 1870.

Heavy fullered curved blade 35". Ricasso marked S&K.

Steel bowl with large teardrops design. Wirebound grip

(mind your fingers!) Steel scabbard with two hanging

rings. Worn overall, stained but not pitted.

£100 - £110


Sword: A gilt brass Masonic dress sword of the Knights

Templar. Etched blade 27.5". Maltese Cross,

Crossguard. Polished brass grip. In its mounted leather

scabbard. A good example.

£40 - £45


Sword: A good 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers Sword. Blade

32.5" finely etched blade with strung bugle and 'RIFLES'.

Steel bowl with VR Crown & strung bugle. In its steel

scabbard. The whole nicely patinated and in good overall

condition (grip wire a/f) A 'sleeper'.

£130 - £140