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Japanese Katana. Heavy blade 28". Blade housed in

simple wooden saya and hilt. Blade is older than the

fittings. Viewing recommended. Nakgo not viewed.

£100 - £150


Japanese WW2 Bayonet with scabbard. Outer rusty, but

good blade

£25 - £30


Knife: A post WW2 3rd Pattern 'F.S.' knife bearing the

Cross Keys logo of Nowill & Co Sheffield. Blade 7" in a

leather scabbard. Some wear overall.

£25 - £30


Kukri knives all with scabbards (3)

£80 - £85


Kukris in scabbards & a dagger (no scabbard). In

generally worn condition. Sold a/f (4)

£20 - £25


Machete: A Korean War Period British Army machete

by S and J KITCHIN with W/D mark & dated 1955 in

its matching scabbard. Good example overall with surface

rusting. Sold a/f

£20 - £25


Mexican Knife: Unusual 'KRIS' type wavy blade 8" Brass

Crossguard. Grip made of coloured stone. Pommel made

from silver dollar coin with an Eagle 'POR LA RAZON

O LA FILE RZA' and dated 1880. Interesting piece in

good condition. In its leather scabbard.

£130 - £140


Musket: The major parts of a P53 Enfield rifle. Rusted

overall. Hammer missing, lug for hammer broken.

Lockplate heavily pitted. Ramrod missing. Stock with

woodworm holes. Generally worn and Sold a/f.

£60 - £70


Pistol: A Continental (German?) flintlock pistol. Barrel 8"

proof mark 'I.P'. Ornate brass furniture & Turkish type of

buttcap. Lock (unsigned) in good working order and

condition. Complete with brass tipped ramrod. Approx

16 bore. A good original pistol in good condition. Circa

1800-1820. Armoured device to butt escutcheon.

£350 - £400


Pistol: A decent Victorian travelling pistol of approx 20

bore. Octagonal barrel 6". Attractive brass furniture.

T/Guard with Acorn finial. Proof marks to barrel. Quite

likely a conversion to drum and nipple from flintlock circa

1830-40 (?). Nice chunky man stopper for personal


£150 - £160


Pistol: A fine quality model of an 18th/19th century sea

service Pattern flintlock pistol. Barrel 12" (No marks) Ring

neck cock. Lock engraved 'TOWER' to tail and Crown

'GR' and View Mark. Barrel blocked with weld 2" from

tank and not vented. Lock in crisp w/order. Belt clip

bolted to sideplate. Brass furniture with skull crusher

buttcap. A good model with some artificial ageing.

Viewing recommended. sold a/f

£150 - £160


Pistol: A Flintlock duelling pistol by WOGDON &

BARTON circa 1800. Octagonal barrel 10" marked


(possibly replaced in working life?) Lock in good working

order and condition signed 'Wogdon & Barton'. Screw

replaced to tang. Bag shaped walnut stock (crack to front

of lock but no losses) With a brass tipped ramrod. A

decent example.

£350 - £400


Pistol: A French Year 13 (an 13) .69 cal Flintlock Pistol.

Lock marked 'Manufre Imp de Chatleville". Ring neck

cock, brass furniture. Barrel 8". Good working order.

Ramrod not original and broken. Sold a/f. Viewing


£350 - £450


Pistol: A good East India Company Cavalry pistol with

New Series sidelock (1843-52). Barrel 9" of Carbine bore.

Short swivel rammer flat buttcap with lanyard ring

(calibre 17 bore - .66 inch) Numbers made 18145. Heart

walnut stock with lovely dark patination. EIC Lion to

lockplate. Proof & view marks to barrel. Rack numbers

'29' to butt. In collector grade condition. Superb piece

£900 - £950


Pistol: A good flintlock, turn off barrelled pocket pistol by

'EVANS'. Pistol dates early 19th century. Centrally

mounted ring neck cock. Crisp action on 1st & 2nd cock

sliding safety. Turn off barrel 2.5". Plain bag shaped

walnut grip. A nice original pocket pistol of good quality

in untouched condition. Recommended.

£160 - £170


Pistol: A good model of a French model 1763 Flintlock

pistol. Barrel 9" Tang marked 'M1763' Lock marked 'Mr

De Libreville'. Iron furniture, hardwood stock. Ring neck

cock, lock crisp on 1st & 2nd cock. Not vented at pan.

Barrel with internal welding to approx 3". A decent

replica with age patina. Sold a/f.

£80 - £85


Pistol: A good model of an EIG Short percussion Sea

Service pistol (1846-51) lock (copy of New Series sidelock)

with Crown & EIG & arrow mark to tail, with

'Birmingham' in front of hammer. First 2.5" blocked with

weld. No venting through nipple. Lock in good working

order. Captive rammer, hardwood stock. Brass furniture

with lanyard ring and hardwood stock. Sold a/f.

£50 - £60


Pistol: A good percussion belt pistol by 'Williams &

Powell' circa 1840 probably for coastguard customs or sea

service. Barrel 6" with proofs and '26'. Polished walnut

stock with plain brass furniture and iron lanyard ring.

Captive rammer. Crisp action on 1st & 2nd cock. A good

example of this popular pistol.

£300 - £350


Pistol: A good percussion boxlock cannon barrelled,

Queen Anne style pocket pistol by ? London (possibly

Delaney). Fine silver wire decoration to grip, engraving to

sideplates including 'LONDON'. Pistol most likely a

conversion from flintlock. Action in w/o. Turn off barrel

3.5". Original pistol circa 1745, conversion circa

1830/40. A lovely little pistol.

£150 - £160


Pistol: A large French Military pistol along with the lines

of the 1842 Pattern. Pistol made in Belgium by P.J.

Malherbe Ltd. Barrel 8" cal .69 (?) Back action lock

working on 1st & 2nd cock. Walnut (?) stock repaired

fracture to front of lock. Original ramrod. Iron furniture

with lanyard ring. Worn overall but all original. A


£50 - £60