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Tresor 500F Pick 111 good Fine (scarce)

£200 - £300


Warren Fisher One Pound T31 "E1 5" VF

£25 - £30


West Africa States 100 Francs Pick201Be, Benin issued

1965, aUnc

£30 - £40


World banknotes, mixed lot inc China (qty)

£20 - £25


World in a small tin, mainly WWII era issues , includes

Hong Kong, Malaya, Straits etc. From circulation

£30 - £40


World in a "Hendon" album. Much pre 1940s Germany

seen, mixed grades with some better types included

£80 - £100


World in four small albums. A good variety with issues

mainly from the 1960s onwards, mixed grades with

viewing essential

£150 - £200


World in two albums, some redeemable currency noted

£50 - £80


World Sellection in a box, over 600 notes, mixed grades

£90 - £110


World (approx 320) from circulation with a few better

types seen

£60 - £80


World (approx 40) from circulation but noted South

Africa Five Pounds 1958, Scotland Five Pounds 1996

£35 - £40


World (over 1000) mixed countries / grades etc

£100 - £150


World (over 100) from circulation but many mid 20th

century with some better types seen

£50 - £100

Ancient & Hammered Coins


Aethelred II silver penny, Crux Issue, Scandinavian

imitation of 'Norwich', reverse reads:- +LIFINC M-O

NORDPIC ['D' with thorn], legend produced with

punches and engraving tool, cf. Spink 1148, full, round,

well centred, 'peck marked' each side, NVF

£380 - £420


Aethelred II silver penny, Long Cross Issue, obverse

reads:- AEDELRAED REX ANGL [both 'AE's and 'NG'

ligulate first 'D' with thorn], reverse reads:-



OEOFR ['O's with pellet at centre, second 'O' is actually

a horseshoe shape on a horizontal line], York Mint,

moneyer Ira, a large and small extra pellet in third

quarter, Spink 1151, with two old tickets, one in fountain

pen, Ex. Seaby, full, round, well centred, GVF

£200 - £300


Aethelstan silver penny, Small Cross / Moneyer's name

in two lines, dies produced from large crude irons and

given to North Eastern England, J.J.North 668b, under

Spink 1089, obverse reads:- +AEDELZTN REX., 'AE'

ligulate', 'D' with thorn 'S' backwards as a 'Z', 'N' reversed,

pellet in field under the 'E' of REX probably die fault,

reverse reads:- GOTA MONET, nice even tone, well

centred, VF

£250 - £300


Ancient Greek bronze of c.35mm. of Egypt, Ptolemy III,

246-221 B.C., obverse:- Diademed head of bearded Zeus

Ammon, reverse:- Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, XP

monogram between legs and cornucopiae before, nice

central even strike, surfaces untouched, Sear 7814var.,


£40 - £50


Ancient Greek silver didrachm of Lucania, Velia, 400-

350 B.C., obverse:- Helmeted head of Athena, left,

reverse:- Lion standing left, devouring piece of meat held

between fore-paws, Sear 456, good metal, well centred,

dark even tone, NVF

£170 - £190