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Aurelian Billon Antoninianus. Rome Mint 274-275 AD.

Reverse reads: Oriens Aug, XXIR in Exergue. Sol

advancing right, treading down enemy & holding laurel

branch & B.W. Sear 11569. Much original finish, EF

£30 - £35


Burgred silver penny, reverse A, obverse similar to B,

Spink 939B, moneyer BEAGSTA[N], with two old

tickets, extreme edge loss, obverse 3 to 6 o'clock, black,


£300 - £400


Caracalla silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 215 A.D.,

reverse reads:- PM TR P XVIII COS IIII P P., Jupiter

seated left, holding Victory and sceptre, eagle at feet, Sear

6769, very light golden tone, EF/NEF

£80 - £90


Caracalla silver denarius, Rome Mint 215-217 A.D.,

reverse reads:- LIBERALITAS AVG VIIII, Liberalitas

standing left, holding abacus and cornucopiae, RIC 302,

reverse slightly off centre, NEF

£50 - £60


Celtic bronze stater of the Durotriges, uninscribed type

Spink 371, with an old ticket, F, with a silver fractional

unit of the Corieltauvi, Blank / Horse right, Spink 400,

with two old tickets, very small piece missing from edge

and a very short crack, GF [2]

£40 - £45


Celtic bronze unit of the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes,

Cunobelinus, Winged head, left, CVNO in front, BELIN

behind / Seated metal worker, TASCIO behind, Spink

342, ABC 2969, with old ticket, both dies slightly off

centre, GF

£40 - £50


Celtic silver unit of the Atrebates and Regni, Verica,

Naked figure standing left, holding lituus and bunch of

grapes, COM/MIF across field / Laureate, Romanised

bust [ABC 1250 as Tiberius], right, VERI behind, CA in

front, Spink 136, with old ticket, light marks under

magnification, NVF

£80 - £100


Celtic silver unit of the Iceni, this type being attributed to

Queen Boudicca by some numismatists, Spink 434, Celtic

head, right, corn ear behind / Horse right, wheel above,

with old ticket, NVF

£40 - £45


Celtic silver units of the Iceni, uninscribed issues, Two

opposed crescents / Horse right, Spink 436, both with old

tickets, GF and GF with light greenish deposit [2]

£40 - £45


Charles I gold Double-crown, Tower Mint under the

King 1625-1642, mm. Negro's Head, 1626-1627, Group

B, Bust 2, Spink 2699, with old ticket, full flan a little

extreme edge loss at obverse, 8 o'clock, a little flat area

each side, very lightly crinkled, light die cracks reverse,


£500 - £700


Charles I Newark siege piece, halfcrown, Spink 3140-

3140A, with old tickets, looks to the same obverse die as

Brooker plate CXVI, 1221-1222, reverse blank, also with

some flatness obverse, what is struck up is F

£300 - £400


Charles I silver crown of Exeter, mm. Castle and dated

1645, same obverse die as Brooker 1038-1045, the reverse

die was not in the collection, Ex. Glendining 17

November 1971, lot 207, Spink 3062, with old ticket,

slightly angular flan but large and well centred, Fair/Fine

£300 - £400


Charles I silver halfcrown, Tower Mint under Parliament

1642-1649, mm. [R], 1644-1645, Group III, Type 3a3,

Spink 2778, P/GF, together with a ditto but a silver

halfgroat, under the King, mm. Star 1640-1641, Spink

2832, creased, F and lastly a silver penny, mm. Two

Pellets, Group E, no inner circles, Spink 2849, all with old

tickets, hairline crack, F [3]

£45 - £55


Charles I silver shilling, Tower Mint under the King

1625-1642, mm. Triangle 1639-1640, Group F, Sixth

large Briot's Bust, Type 4.4, Spink 2799, with a ditto but

a silver sixpence, mm. no visible but oval shield, no C R,

ie Group D, Fourth Bust, Type 3.3., Spink 2813, both

with old tickets, NF/F [2]

£45 - £50


Charles I Silver Shilling. Tower Mint. MM. Triangle

(1639-1640). Fifth Aberystwyth Bust. Type 4-3. Spink

2796. Good weight at 6.05g. Evenly struck bust, nice old

tone . GVF. Excellent with old envelope.

£220 - £240


Charles I silver threepence, Aberystwyth 1638-1642, mm.

Book, crown clear of inner circle, Spink 2894, full, round

NF/F together with a Rose farthing, Class 3, mm. Mullet

each side, GF both with old tickets [2]

£45 - £55