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Elizabeth I silver sixpence, Fourth Issue, mm. Eglantine,

1573-1578 and dated 1576, Spink 2563, with old ticket,

full, round, well centred, light marks under magnification,


£50 - £70


Elizabeth I silver threepence, Third and Fourth Issues

1561-1577, mm. Eglantine, date not clear, scuffed NF,

with a ditto but a silver halfgroat, Sixth Issue 1582-1600,

x 2 both mm. A, 1582-1584, clipped Fair/GF and Fair


£40 - £45


Eugenius silver siliqua, Trier Mint 392-394, reverse

reads:- VIRTVS ROMANORVM, TR PS in exergue,

Sear 20688, extreme edge loss at obverse top and small

pit on top of bust, scarce, NVF

£80 - £100


Farthing Edward I London Mint, Class 3de Base silver

issue, 0.28 grammes, S.1445A, Obverse legend ER

ANGLIE, Reverse legend LONDONIENSIS Good


£35 - £40


Galba 68-69 A.D., silver tetradrachm of Antioch,

obverse:- Laureate bust right, star before, reverse:- Eagle

to left, wings open, standing on thunderbolt, palm branch

before, the piece is Ex. Sydenham Collection and has 3

tickets [one by Dr.Vezin], one states 'GL. 25/11/46 Lot

750 [25/-] BMC - ', the exact type seems unpublished?

and perhaps never photographed?, we cannot trace

another, strong portrait, VF

£450 - £550


Geta silver denarius, Rome Mint 208 AD. Reverse:

PNTIF COS II., Genius standing left sacrificing with

patera over altar. Sear 7187, fine young bearded bust.


£50 - £55


Merovingian gold tremissis of pseudo-Byzantine style, in

the name of Justin I or II, 1.2g, slightly pale metal,

unknown mint, c.580 A.D., VF with a ticket by Dr R.

Vezin with detailed references.

£1000 - £1200


Good cast copy of a Roman Republican Cast Aes Grave

Semis of 225 - 217 BC. Obverse; Laureate head of Saturn

left, S above. C.F. Sear 574.

£30 - £40


Gordian III Silver Denarius. Rome Mint. 241 AD.

Reverse reads: Laetitia Aug N. Laetitia standing left

holding wreath & anchor. Sear 8675. Well struck, about

mint state. *The last time the Denarius was issued in any


£45 - £55


Gordian III. Silver Antoninianus. Rome Mint 243-244

AD. Reverse reads: Mars Propug. Mars advancing right,

carrying transverse spear & shield. Sear 8623. With much

original finish. Almost mint state.

£30 - £35


Groat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint, with annulets

at neck S.1836 mintmark Incurved Pierced Cross, VF


£80 - £100


Groat Henry VIII Posthumous issue in debased silver,

York Mint, reverse CIVITAS EBORAC S.2409 no

mintmark, Fine or slightly better with much doubling to

the legend

£100 - £130


Hadrian silver denarius, Rome Mint, 132 A.D., reverse

reads:- FELICITATI AVGVSTI, Galley being rowed to

the left, Sear 3491, an interesting naval type, well centred,


£60 - £70


Halfcrown Edward VI Walking Horse with plume S.2479

mintmark y portrait VF legends bold Fine

£600 - £650


Harold I silver cut-halfpenny, Fleur-de-Lis between Two

Pellets Issue, Spink 1165, obverse reads:- +HAR[ ],

reverse reads:- [ ]ER ON LV, London Mint, moneyer [

]er, J.J.North gives 4 moneyers to London to Harold I

ending 'ER', with old ticket, this coin could be identified,


£150 - £200