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Divus Augustus brass dupondius, struck by Caligula,

Rome Mint 37-41 A.D., Sear 1811, nice portrait, VF/GF

£120 - £160


Divus Marcus Aurelius silver denarius, struck by

Commodus in honour of his father, Rome Mint 180 A.D.,

reverse:- legend CONSECRATIO around eagle, wings

open, right, head turned back, on garlanded base, Sear

5973, couple of small striking flaws, nice well centred

portrait, EF/NEF

£60 - £70


Domitian as Caesar under Vespasian, silver denarius,

Rome Mint 76 A.D., reverse reads:- COS IIII, Pegasus

stepping right, Sear 2637, the type taken from Augustus,

Sear 1629 also struck at Rome in 19 B.C., nice full flan,

very light scuff in reverse field, NEF

£90 - £110


Domitian silver denarius, Rome Mint 93-94 A.D., reverse

reads:- IMP XXII COS XVI CENS P P P, Minerva

standing right, on galley, brandishing javelin and holding

shield, owl before at feet, Sear 2735var., well struck, well

centred, good metal, EF

£90 - £110


Eadmund silver penny, Small Cross / Moneyer's name in

two lines, Spink 1105, obverse reads:- +EADMVND

REX, die flaw over the first 'E', 'D's possibly with pellet

centres?, reverse reads:- RAEGNOLD MO bar over the

second 'O', NVF

£250 - £300


Edward I silver pennies both Class 6 of Bury St Edmunds,

moneyer Ion, Spink 1377, both Ex. Seaby May 1971,

Ex.Colchester Hoard, both with two old tickets, first flat,

well centred, GF, second, slightly off centre and edge a

little bent up, F, both with the 'Colchester Hoard' dull

tone, [2]

£40 - £50


Edward I silver penny Class 10B of Canterbury, Ex.

Seaby's Bulletin, September 1969, H2522, with two old

tickets, F, with a ditto but of Lincoln, Class 3d, Ex. Spink

10/1971, uneven tone, loss of extreme edge, obverse 3 to

5 o'clock, GF [2]

£40 - £45


Edward I silver penny of Bristol, Class 2b, Spink 1386 but

not listed for this mint, bust with tall long neck and

reversed Roman 'N's, see p.178, Ex. Seaby May 1971,

Ex.Loch Doon Hoard, 1966, with two old tickets, F

£40 - £50


Edward I silver penny of London, struck on a small flan

therefore probably late, edge chip, F with a ditto but Class

4B of London, Ex. Seaby May 1971, Ex. Loch Doon

Hoard 1966, a very small area of extreme edge loss, below

bust, toned GF and lastly a ditto but Class 3E of

Newcastle, Ex. Seaby May 1971, Ex. Loch Doon Hoard

1966, all with old tickets [3]

£40 - £45


Edward I silver penny of Newcastle, Class 9b, Spink 1408,

Ex. Spink 10/1971, GF, with a silver halfpenny of

Edward I, Class 3c, cracked, NF and lastly an Edward I

silver farthing, inner circles each side, reads:-


Class 10, GF, all with old tickets [3]

£40 - £45


Edward I Silver Penny. Lincoln Mint. Class 3c. Spink

1427. Well struck. GVF

£50 - £60


Edward II silver penny, Class 11a, Spink 1455, London

Mint, with two old tickets, NF/F, together with a ditto,

angular back to 'E', serifs to 'N's well defined, mm. Cross

pattee, obverse legend ends with double pellet, with an

old ticket, lightly crinkled, well centred, GF [2]

£50 - £60


Edward III gold half-noble, Transitional treaty period

1361, French title omitted, annulets at the corners of the

central reverse panel, Spink 1500, large flan, well centred,


£1000 - £1300


Edward III Gold Quarter Noble. Fourth Coinage,

Transitional Treaty Period 1361. French title omitted.

Pellets in Spandrels and annulets on cusps of obverse

Tressure. Obverse ends Angl. Spink 1501. (Schneider 72)


£500 - £550


Edward III groat, Class G, annulet under the bust but no

annulet in any quarter of the reverse, Spink 1570, slightly

crinkled, uneven tone GF/VF

£150 - £170


Edward III silver groat, Treaty Period 1361-1369, no

French title, reads:- +EDWARD D G REX ANGL D

HYB Z AQT, annulet before and single/double annulet

stops as Spink 1617, reverse, single and double salitire

stops, mm. not clear but looks to be a cross potent, 'A' in

ADIUTOREM not clear but possibly unbarred, the 'A' in

CIVITAS certainly is. the coin is sold with 4 fine old

tickets, one of which states 'reverse 'N's' not barred, which

they clearly are, this coin in the opinion of the cataloguer

is not a true mule, see J.J.North p.41 for varieties and

Spink 1616, 'many varieties', Ex. Doubleday,

Ex.H.A.Parsons 9.12.1913 and Ex. E.J.Winstanley and

with their old tickets, full, round, well centred, even strike,

obverse a little scuffed under magnification, AVF/VF

£180 - £220