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Edward III Silver Groat. Treaty Period. 1361 - 1369.

French title omitted. Spink 1616. Evenly struck on a good

round flan. VF/GVF.

£250 - £280


Edward III silver halfpenny, Fourth Coinage 1351-1377,

Pre-Treaty Period 1351-1361, London Mint, Series,

Spink 1607, with old ticket, light edge chips, from one a

hairline crack, F/GF together with a ditto but a silver

penny of the Third or Florin Coinage, London Mint, with

old ticket, chipped and with hairline crack, GF [2]

£40 - £50


Edward III silver halfpenny, Third or Florin Coinage

1344-1351, obverse legend ends An, Spink 1558, with old

ticket, lightly crinkled, a little flat on legends each side,

NF/F, together with a ditto but a silver penny, Fourth

Coinage 1351-1377, Pre-Treaty Period 1351-1377,

Series E, with annulet in each reverse quarter, Spink

1586, with old ticket, nice portrait, GF [2]

£60 - £70


Edward IV [First Reign 1461-1470] silver groat, Light

Coinage 1464-1470, mm. Long Cross Fitchee / Sun

[11/28], no marks at neck, Spink 2002, with two old

tickets wrongly identified, Ex. Seaby's Bulletin November

1969, H2409, GF

£60 - £70


Edward IV, First Reign 1461-1470, silver groat, Light

Issue 1464-1470, mm. Crown [1468-1469] of London,

Quatrefoils at neck, Spink 2000, with three old tickets, Ex.

Seaby's Bulletin, September 1969, H2343, GF

£50 - £60


Edward IV, First Reign 1461-1470, silver halfgroat, Light

Coinage 1464-1470, mm. Crown / Sun 74/28, 1467-

1468, Spink 2031, small piece missing from edge

[originally holed] at obverse 4 o'clock, F, together with a

silver penny of Henry VII, York Mint, Archbishop

Rotherham, keys below shield, two pillars, Spink 2238,

both with old tickets, regged edge at one point, F/VF [2]

£40 - £50


Edward IV, Second Reign, 1471-1483, silver groat of

London, mintmarks are flatened by wear but are

certainly, Cross Pattee, indeed you can see one serif.

I.R.Buck, p.41 gives 5 different cross pattee or similar, for

this reign, which we cannot differentiate from the present

piece, fleurs on cusps, no marks by bust, reads

EDWARD, Spink 2098, Ex.Spink NC, Feburary 1973,

1220, with old tickets, full, round, well centred, NVF/VF

£100 - £150


Edward the Confessor silver penny, Expanding Cross

Type, Heavy Issue, Spink 1177, obverse reads:-

+EDPER[ ]REEX:, reverse reads:-[ ]ELFPINE ON [



, mint Huntingdon [HVNTEN], moneyer

Aelfwine, same dies as Elmore-Jones, Glens. 12-13 May

1972, lot 382, sold with two old tickets and copy of letter

from the BM of 1974, piece missing, obverse 6 to 9

o'clock, rare, GF

£150 - £200


Edward the Confessor silver penny, Facing Bust Issue,

Spink 1183, obverse reads:- [ ]D[ ]ERDR[ ], reverse

reads:- +GODRIL ON LHR, Leicester Mint, moneyer

Godril, the moneyer Godril was unknown to J.J.North,

with an old ticket, rare, obverse part flat, NF/GF

£120 - £180


Edward the Elder, King of Wessex 899-924, silver penny

Small Cross / Moneyer's name in two lines, Spink 1087,

obverse reads:- +EADVVEARD REX, reverse reads:-

DVRLFLAC Mo 'D' with thorn, 'V' with bar as

upsidedown 'A', 'F' with no top bar, 'L' upsidedown, bar

over 'o' in 'Mo',moneyer Thurflac [Thurlac in J.J.North],

extreme edge perforation, obverse bottom, a little weak

on initial cross, obverse, dark even tone, GVF

£300 - £350


Edward VI base issue penny, Third Period 1550-1553,

London Mint, Very Base Issue 1551, Spink 2474, with an

old ticket, a little edge loss, but a sharp strike and a good

example of this poor coinage, dull, NVF

£60 - £80


Edward VI Fine Silver Issue shilling, mm. Y, Spink 2482,

with old ticket, two very small punch marks in first and

second quarters of the reverse and light graffiti on the

obverse, hairline crack into legend at obverse 3 o'clock

[hardly visible], large full flan, well centred, F/NVF

£80 - £120


Edward VI Silver Halfgroat. First Period. (Apr. 1547 - Jan

1549) Canterbury Mint. No MM. Rare. Reading Edward

not Edoard. Spink 2459. GF, rarely encountered so good.

£400 - £450


Electrotype copy of The Celebrated Oxford Mint Crown

by Thomas Rawlings 1644. (Spink 2948) King riding over

view of the city.

£40 - £50


Elizabeth I and Charles I silver shillings, George I

farthing and George III twopence, an Indian copper and

an Anglo-Gallic niquet of Henry V, probably a

contemporary forgery, various grades [6]

£60 - £80


Elizabeth I silver shilling, Second Issue 1560-1561 mm.

Martlet, Spink 2555, bust gone, rest NVF together with a

ditto but a silver groat, mm. not clear but probably same

coinage as last, Spink 2556, crinkled, NF both with old

tickets [2]

£40 - £45


Elizabeth I silver shilling, Seventh Issue 1601-1602, mm.

1, Spink 2584, flan a little irregular but probably as

produced, GF

£50 - £60