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Caracalla silver antoninianius, Rome Mint 216 A.D.,

reverse reads:- P M TR P XVI I I I COS I I I I P P, Sol

standing facing, head left, right hand raised, left holding

globe, Sear 6777, large flan with just a hint of cabinet gold

and blue tone, NEF

£90 - £110


Caracalla silver denarius, Rome Mint 203 A.D., reverse

reads:- PONT TR P VI COS, Roma standing left,

holding Victory and transposed spear, small, neat boyish

bust, Sear 6856, reverse a little weak but as struck, EF

£65 - £75


Caracalla silver denarius, Rome Mint 210 A.D., reverse

reads:- VICTORIAE BRIT [ Victory in Britannia],

Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm, Sear

6901, reverse legend partly weak, excellent portrait,


£120 - £140


Caracalla silver denarius, Rome Mint 213 A.D., reverse

reads:- MARTI PROPVGNATORI, Mars striding left,

holding trophy and spear, Sear 6819, with old ticket, good

metal, GVF

£30 - £40


Carausius billon antoninianus, London Mint 287-288

A.D., obverse:- Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right,

legend:- IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG, reverse:-

Carausius on horseback pacing left, raising right hand

and holding sceptre in left, seated captive on ground

before, legend:- ADVENTVS AVG, Sear 13551, this the

fiftheenth to be recorded on the PAS database, found at

Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, uncleaned with 'dirt'

infill, clear, rare, F

£150 - £250


Carausius billon antoninianus, PAX AVG type, struck on

an oval flan and 'turned in the die' thus depicting a head

each side and portions of Pax each side, in exergue LXXI

and of the London Mint, Sear 13639, this coin

demonstrates the pressure Carausius's moneyers were

under to produce coin to satisfy his army and populous, F

£40 - £45


Charles I gold Double-Crown, mm. crown [1635-1636],

Group D, Bust 7, both arches of crown unjewelled, Spink

2703, looks to be a detector find as small overall marks

under magnification, GF/NVF

£400 - £450


Charles I gold unite, Tower Mint under the King [1625-

1642], Group B, second bust, with ruff, mantle and

armour, mm. Castle [1627-1628], Spink 2687, full,

round, well centred, a very few very small weak areas, VF

£1400 - £1600


Charles I Halfcrown of York 1643-1644, mm. Lion,

reverse oval garnished shield, obverse EBOR below

horse, Spink 2868, with old ticket, VG - Fine

£80 - £100


Charles I sillver halfgroat, Nicholas Briot's First Milled

Issue 1631-1632, no mm., signed B below bust, wt. 1.04g.,

SCBI Brooker 721, same dies, Spink 2856, Ex. DNW,

Mar.10, lot 91, NEF

£140 - £160


Charles I silver groat, Aberystwyth Mint 1638-1642, mm.

Book, inner circles both sides, single arched crown, neat

bust well within inner circle, Spink 2893, full, round, well

centred, NVF/VF

£100 - £120


Charles I silver shilling, Tower Mint under the King

1625-1642, mm. Triangle 1639-1640, Group F, Sixth

large Briot Bust, Type 4.4, Spink 2799, traces of original

finish, the flan is carelessly produced but the piece is 2 1/2

% over avarage full weight at 6.15gms. and has'nt seen

much circulation, all portrait visible, VF/GVF

£130 - £150


Charles I silver shilling, Tower Mint under the King

[1625-1642], mm Triangle [1639-1640], Group E, Fifth

'Aberyswith' Bust, Type 4-3, Spink 2796, wt. 6.05g., full

but slightly irregular flan, nice bust, all struck up, unusual

thus, GVF

£250 - £300