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Domitian brass sestertius, Rome Mint 85 A.D., reverse:-

S C in exergue, Domitian, togate, standing right, clasping

hands over lighted altar, with officer standing left,

accompanied by three soldiers, two of whom hold

standards, Sear 2775 an interesting and scarce 'military'

type, some obverse legend weak or gone but clear, F

£120 - £150


Domitian silver denarius, Rome Mint 87 A.D., reverse

legend:- IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P, Minerva

advancing right, holding spear and shield, Sear - , RIC

517, large, even strike and exhibiting some original finish,


£120 - £130


Eadgar silver penny of the Reform Small Cross Type,

Spink 1141, obverse reads:- +EADGAR REX

ANGLOX , reverse reads:- +AESCMAN M-O STANF.,

['AE' and 'NF' ligulate], Stamford Mint, moneyer

Aescman, with old ticket, extreme edge loss at obverse 12

to 2 o'clock, large and central, NVF

£400 - £500


Edward III silver groats, classes C and E, one with reverse

crack across flan, full, F/GF the other with light scuffs, F


£40 - £50


Edward III silver groat, Fourth Coinage 1351-1377, Pre-

Treaty Period 1351-1361, Class D 1352-1353, Spink

1566, GF with a James I shilling, Fair and Edwardian

penny P. [3]

£40 - £45


Edward III silver groat, Fourth Coinage 1351-1377, Pre-

Treaty Period 1351-1361, Series E 1354-1355, V with

nick in right limb, Spink 1567, found Suffolk, reverse

slightly double-struck, VF/GF

£40 - £60


Edward III silver groat, London Mint, French title

omitted, lis on cusps above crown, reverse barred Roman

'N's, double annulet stops obverse, double salitire stops,

reverse, Lombardic 'M's, mm. Cross pattee, flan a little

irregular, small, short striking split into legend, scuff

across obverse, GF/NVF

£25 - £30


Edward III silver halfgroat, Pre-Treaty Period 1351-1361

F/G mule, obverse mm. Crown, reverse reads:- POSVI

DEV DEVM ADIM [D.I.G.18], Spink 1579/1578, rare,


£50 - £70


Edward IV First Reign 1461-1485, Light coinage 1464-

1470, silver groat, mm. Rose 1464-1464, trefoils at neck,

pellet opposite 'DON' reverse, Spink 2003, with old

ticketlight scuff on obverse, GF/VF, with a ditto again of

London but clipped, NF/GF [2]

£30 - £40


Edward IV silver penny of York, quatrefoil at centre of

reverse, reverse slightly off centre, GF, a ditto again of

York with G and key by bust, quarterfoil centre reverse,

Archbishop Lawrence Booth, Spink 2132, GF, ditto again

of York, Fair, ditto again of York with quaretrefoil at

centre of reverse, Fair/F, a ditto but of Durham,

quatrefoil and B by neck, GF and lastly a silver halfpenny,

no marks visible F [6]

£30 - £40


Edward VI debased silver shilling, Second Issue,

Canterbury Mint, MDXLIX, Bust 3, mm. t / ?, Spink

2468, full, round, well centred, light scuffs each side, a

little weakness each side but a nice example, GF

£250 - £300


Edward VI debased silver shilling, Second Issue,

Southwark Mint, Bust 5, mm.Y, Spink 2466B, portrait

visible, Fair

£55 - £60


Edward VI silver sixpence, Fine Issue 1551-1553, mm.

Tun, Spink 2483, quite nice portrait, GF/VF

£100 - £130


Edward VI silver sixpence, Fine Issue [1551-1553], mm.

Tun, London Mint, Spink 2483, short striking crack into

legend, portrait visible, GF

£140 - £160


Edwardian silver pennies, 7 x London, 2 x Canterbury,

York and Bury St. Edmunds, NF to NVF, [11]

£25 - £30


Edwardian silver pennies, both London, one with annulet

stops, obverse, F/GF and GF together with a rose

farthing of Charles I, mm. Crescent, GF and lastly a

French brass jeton, NVF [4]

£25 - £30


Elagabalus silver denarius, Rome Mint 218-219 A.D.,

reverse reads:- SALVS ANTONINI AVG, Salus

standing right, feeding snake from patera, very short

striking crack at bottom obverse but as produced, much

original mint finish, near mint state

£80 - £90


Elagabalus silver denarius, Rome Mint 220 A.D.,

reverse:- Sol advancing left, right hand raised, whip in left

hand, Sear 7533, VF with an Edwardian silver penny of

London, NF/GF and lastly a silver penny of Hanry VI,

First Reign, 1422-1461, Annulet Issue 1422-1430, Calais

Mint, Spink 1845, lightly clipped but nice portrait, NVF


£30 - £40


Elizabeth I silver halfgroats, first mm. Tun 1592-1595,

GF next, mm. Woolpack x 2, Fair/F and holed P/Fair

and lastly mm 0 1600, NF, together with a threehalfpence

1575, Fair/GF mostly with old tickets, [5]

£30 - £35


Elizabeth I silver shilling, Sixth Issue [1582-1600] mm.

Tun [1592-1595], Spink 2577, full, round, well centred,

obverse light graffiti over portrait, light scuff in bottom left

quarter of reverse shield, F/GF

£35 - £40