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Charles I silver shilling, Tower Mint under the King

[1625-1642], mm. Star [1640-1641], Group F, Sixth

large Briot bust, Type 4.4, Spink 2799, usual irregular

flan, portions of legend flat, much detail to centres, which

are VF

£140 - £150


Charles I silver sixpence, Briot's Second Milled Issue,

mm. Anchor and Mullet / Anchor, Spink 2860, with old

ticket, reverse scuffed and slightly off centre, F/GF

£30 - £40


Charles I silver sixpence, mm. Tun, 1636-1638, NF/GF

and mm. Sceptre 1646-1648, a small area of edge

damage, F [2]

£40 - £50


Charles I silver sixpence, Tower Mint under the King

[1625-1642], mm. Triangle [1639-1640], Group F Type

4/3 [seems to have lace collar], Spink 2817, Ex.

Middleham Hoard, clipped NF/F with a forgery of an

Elizabeth I groat [2]

£20 - £25


Charles II Third Issue hammered silver halfcrown, mm.

Crown, Spink 3321, with old ticket, slightly irregular flan

but full and central, scratch each side, F/GF

£80 - £100


Cleopatra VII of Egypt, 51-30 B.C., wife of Julius Caesar

and Mark Antony, mother of Caesarion, bronze 40

drachmai of Alexandria, Diademed and draped bust of

Cleopatria VII, right / Eagle standing on thunderbolt,

left, wings closed, Sear 7956, black, rough surfaces, F

£300 - £350


Cnut silver penny, Quatrefoil Type, Spink 1157, obverse

reads:- X CNVT REX ANGLORVM [pellet in centre of

'O'], a strange legend as the initial cross is engraved into

the die but the lettering punches were available as the 'X'

in REX is punched in. Reverse reads:- +EDRIC MOO

GIP [first 'O' horseshoe shaped with square bottom,

second 'O' with pellet centre], Ipswich Mint, moneyer

Edric, Sadler in his


The Ipswich Mint could trace

7 these dies, 3/4 and a further specimen has turned up in

the USA, of these 8, 4 are in museums, sold with a ticket

by Mike Vosper and the coin is almost certainly

Ex.'Cambridge' Find, Mint state.

£480 - £520


Cnut silver penny, Quatrefoil Type, Spink 1157, obverse

reads:- +CNVT REX ANGLOX, behind head is an

engraved 'T', slightly on its side to look as an 'X', reverse

reads:- +SPRVNT M:. DEO ['D' with thorn, only just

visible], extra pellet in two quarters, 1st. and 2nd.

clockwise, Thetford Mint, moneyer Swrunt, the

cataloguer knows of omly 2 others from these dies, Royal

Coin Cabinet, Stockholm and a piece sold Copenhagen

c.1995, full, round, well centred, scarce, GVF/EF

£320 - £360


Commodus colonial bronze of c.27mm., of

Marcianopolis, Moesia Inferior, obverse:- Youthful

portrait of Commodus, right, bare-headed, draped and

cuirassed, the breast-plate depicting bust of Helmeted

Athena, reverse:- Zeus, standing left, holding

thunderbolt, scarce, GF/F

£60 - £70


Commonwealth halfgroat x 2, Spink 3221, first crinkled,

NF/GF, second, smallish, VF [2]

£40 - £45


Commonwealth silver penny, full, round, well centred,

very lightly crinkled, VF/NVF

£25 - £30


Commonwealth silver penny, Spink 3222, Ex. DNW

Dec.12, lot 452, VF

£40 - £50


Commonwealth sixpence 1656, mm. Sun, Spink 3219,

with old ticket, round and well centred, cracked obverse

3 o'clock, lightly crinkled, F

£40 - £50


Constantine I follis, Trier Mint 316 A.D., reverse:- Mars

standing, right, resting on spear and shield, Sear 15985,

well centred with even tone, EF together with an URBS

ROMA centenionalis, Trier Mint 330-331 A.D., reverse:-

She-Wolf, standing left, suckling Romulus and Remus,

Sear 16488, EF [2]

£40 - £50


Constantius Gallus billon maiorina, struck under

Constantius II, 351-354 A.D., bare-headed bust, right, A

behind, possibly Sear 18954 but a superb brockage, VF

£60 - £70


Constantius II as Augustus, silver reduced siliqua,

Constantinople Mint 357-361 A.D., reverse reads:-

VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX all within wreath,

PCON in exergue, Sear 17951, with old Spink ticket, full,

large flan, GF/VF

£70 - £80


David II of Scotland 1329-1371, silver groat, Second

Coinage 1357-1367, young bust, left breaking plain

tressure, arcs of tressure plain, reverse reads:- VILLA

EDInBVRGh, Edinburgh Mint, Spink 5091, large but

slightly irregular flan, a little weakness each side but a nice

specimen of this issue with nice portrait, VF

£110 - £120


Diadumenian as Caesar under Macrinus, 217-218,

colonial bronze 3assaria of c.24mm. of Marcianopolis

[Thrace], reverse:- Artemis [Diana] advancing right,

holding bow and arrow, dog at feet, Lindgren 722, GF

£40 - £45